Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease Trap Maintenance Rochester NY

grease-trap-maintenance-rochester-ny1Grease trap maintenance in Rochester NY is an absolute necessity. Besides being required by law if you wish your business to stay functional than you want to make sure that you maintain the grease traps. A professional maintenance plan will easily help you avoid any unforeseen issues that can crop up when you do not properly maintain your grease trap. Neglected grease traps can easily cause backed up lines and quickly shut your business down. Of course the damage to the environment is also a very negative side effect of a grease trap that goes without the proper maintenance.

What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a device that is used (as the name implies) to trap grease.  The grease is caught in the box and must be removed by hand. The job is a messy one that requires the proper technique to ensure that the trap continues to work as it should. The trap is typically a box like a septic tank, where water flows in and solids stay behind. Usually the trap is much smaller than a septic tank but it functions in much the same way. The goal is to keep the grease and oil out of the sewer line. Why is it Necessary? Whether your business is on a city sewer line or a septic sewer line grease is certainly one of the enemies to either sewer system working right. Grease turns into a rock-solid substance in the line over time. It compacts and compacts and makes any other waste impassable. Of course this results in back up’s in your food prep area and potentially your business. Grease is also very bad for the environment.  It is a pollutant. Keeping this material under control is very important to both your business and to the community. How It Works? Having your grease traps maintained professionally is a far better choice than trying to manage it on your own or worse yet requiring that an employee does it. It is a messy job but when it is done professionally you and your business is completely unaffected by the messy job. The trap should be opened and the parts must be removed to be cleaned. The grease and other solids should to be vacuumed out using specialized equipment and each part must be thoroughly cleaned. Having your grease trap professionally maintenance will save you time and money!