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At one point or another, there is a good chance you will need commercial plumbing in Rochester NY if you own or operate a business in the area. One of the quickest ways to shut down your business—and to start losing money—is to have a plumbing issue. Let’s face facts: no one wants to go into a business and not be able to use the bathroom, or worse, have to deal with strange odors. As part of a good business practice, having working plumbing is a necessity. Since 1988, Leone Plumbing & Heating has been serving the Greater Rochester region with high quality, affordable commercial and residential HVAC and plumbing services. We are proud to serve the area and we know how important having reliable plumbing and HVAC systems are for your home and business.

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Food Industry Plumbers

Commercial plumbing matters take on a whole new level of importance when you work in the food industry. There are very strict rules and guidelines that are put in place to protect the community from faulty plumbing. Each hour that your plumbing is not working is costing you big money. Getting a dependable master plumber in to help take care of your plumbing needs can alleviate the stress and worry and get your business back up and running. Some Facts: The health department and the EPA come down very hard on business owners that have plumbing issues. There is very little mercy doled out. There are heavy fines and penalties that can be assessed against business owners that have faulty plumbing because it can be hazardous to public health and the environment. On top of losing money because of lost business, you may wind up paying money out to boot in fines and penalties. The solution? It is imperative as a business owner that you act quickly to repair any issues. New Installs: If you are getting ready to build a business you will need a licensed plumber as part of your team. The rules are very strict when it comes to erecting a new building for business purposes and one of those rules are that a licensed plumber ties the building into municipal water and sewer. There are rules that the public may not know about when it comes to commercial plumbing. For example, the size of pipes is dictated, and the placement of waste pipes and incoming water supplies are all mandated. It can be very confusing unless you know what you are doing and have had the experience of doing it before. Commercial plumbing is a totally different animal from residential plumbing. You need an expert to make sure that all the proper steps are taken!

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Here at Leone Plumbing, we offer a variety of commercial plumbing services in Rochester, as well as residential services including: HVAC repair and installation, bathroom remodeling, senior bathroom remodels, and much more. For more information, please give us a call at (585) 458-5800 today.

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