How does a water-powered sump pump work?

Leone Plumbing Water Powered Sump Pump Installation   When mother nature set its course, one of the concerns of homeowners is basement flooding. Flooding can cause damages to your house furniture, appliances, and other important keepsakes. Your sump pump is your home’s primary defense against encroaching floods. It normally works when you have power supplied to the house during normal rainy conditions. But what if you lose power? What should you do? The best option is to have a backup water-powered sump pump.

Why is it important to have a sump pump backup?

The main sump pump is usually powered by electricity. In the event of unexpected power loss, the pump will eventually stop removing water from your home. This is the reason why it is a wise choice to get a water-powered sump pump as a backup.

How does a water-powered sump pump operate?

During the worst storm conditions, a power outage can happen and will render your electric sump pump useless. With a water-powered sump pump, the unit uses water pressure from the incoming water supply lines of your home to pump out water in the sump pit. It will then activate the float causing the valve to open in the base pump (installed on the ceiling above your sump pit). The valve will then send the water from your incoming water supply through the pump ejector. While the water runs through the pump ejector, there is a powerful suction created by flowing water. This mechanism sucks water out of the sump pit which will then discharge it outdoors. Leone Plumbing water-powered sump pump installation  

No Electricity? No Problem!

As long as your home continues to receive water supply, the water-powered sump pump will operate. It does not require a battery and does not need electrical power. When operational, it can remove as much as 1,324 gallons of water per hour, leaving your basement dry.

Protect your basement in a cost-effective way

Having a water-powered emergency sump pump is worth the investment. You will love this pump because it’s not only a reliable backup pumping system but it’s cost-effective too! You will be able to protect your basement even if there is no electricity for an extended period of time. In addition, it’s low maintenance and no battery to be concerned about. If you want to find out more about sump pump installation, call us right away and we will be happy to speak with you. | Photo Credit: Pixabay, Canva