Rochester NY Tankless Water Heaters

Rochester NY Tankless Water Heaters

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding tank less water heaters the last 5 years, some people like them and some don’t. I am here to give you the pros and cons about owning a tank less water heater. I personally own a tank less water heater and have had one for the last 3 years. It is very similar to a gas heater to heat your home with. It has a heat exchanger on the inside and only runs when you need it. One of the main reasons I got a tank less water heater is so I would not have to worry about running out of hot water! In the master bathroom, the shower has two shower heads, one for me and one for my wife. In the winter I like to run both showers at the same time and I like to take a longer shower. I have yet to run out of hot water and I love it! The last reason I like a tank less water heater is that it can be maintained. I can clean the heat exchanger with vinegar every 6 months to combat Rochester’s hard water. With a tank water heater you cannot do this.

Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters Rochester NY

There are cons to having a tank less water heater and the main issue is Rochester’s hard water. If the heater is not serviced after 6 months I start to notice a difference in the volume of water because of the sediment. All of the aerators for the faucets have to be flushed out and the heater cleaned with vinegar. After this has been done, the volume of water increases back to normal but having to maintain it every 6 months gets old. Overall, I like my water heater but it needs a lot of attention. If you own a tank less water heater or have a comment, please send me your thoughts. I would love to hear someone else’s point of view.
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How to Clear a Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain Rochester NY: How to Clear a Clogged Drain

If you have a slow draining or backed up sink, tub or toilet, chances are you have a clogged drain. There are many ways you can try to clear a blockage yourself, using either home remedies or store bought remedies. If that does not work you can always contact your local plumber to come over and take care of the problem. Some plumbing companies even have 24 hour emergency service and can come over and take care of your plumbing issues any time of day or night. There are many different causes of a clogged drain, and the causes can vary greatly depending on what is clogged. If it is a kitchen sink it could be that food and debris from dirty dishes has gone down the drain and created the clog. Some people also have a tendency to pour cooking grease down the drain of the kitchen sink. This cooking grease can cool while it is in the pipes and congeal, causing a clog and backing up your sink. Sometimes it is the bathtub drain that is clogged. Generally when a bathtub drain is clogged it is due to hair that has washed down the drain and collected, causing a thick hair clog that water has trouble draining through. This type of clog can be especially hard to clear. If your toilet is clogged it can be a number of things. Perhaps too much toilet paper was flushed at once, which clogged the drain. Sometimes if there are small children in the house, one of them may have tried to flush something that did not belong in the toilet, such as toys or small stuffed animals. Oops! To clear a clogged drain, first pull out the drain stopper, if there is one, and clear away any stuck on residue. Run hot water and see if that has fixed the problem. If that has not worked, put a pot of water on the stove and set it to boil. Take 1 cup of baking soda and pour it into the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. Wait about 15 minutes for the baking soda and vinegar solution to start dissolving the clog, and then slowly pour the boiling water down the drain. You can follow this procedure once a month to prevent the drain from becoming clogged again. If that did not work you can try to plunge the drain to dislodge the clog. Still not going down? Try a store-bought drain cleaner. Make sure you wear gloves and safety goggles to ensure that you do not hurt yourself, these cleaners are made with extremely harsh chemicals. Also, follow the instructions on the container to the letter. If you still have a clog after trying all of the above, it is time to call in the professionals. Plumbers have access to specialty tools to snake out the drains as well as access to stronger drain cleaning chemicals. You can find many reputable plumbers online or in the yellow pages to come out and clear your clogged drain.
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My kitchen sink won’t drain

Rochester NY Kitchen Sink Draining Problem

Do you have trouble with clogged drains in kitchen, bathroom remodeling, or utility sinks? Do you find yourself constantly trying to plunge or use chemicals to unclog these drains? The problem could be more advanced than these basic “fixes” can handle. We offer specialized Enzyme Cleaning and Cabling/Snake Services which will take care of these clogs once and for all. Call us at (585) 458-5800 for an appointment.


Leone Plumbing and Heating carries a full line of power cable rooters and drain snakes to handle any clog with ease. We fully inspect your plumbing system to determine whether it is safe to use a snake to unclog a pipe before performing any work. If there are alternatives available such as bio-ross we would certainly use those first.

Bio Ross Enzyme Cleaning

Bio-Ross drain cleaner has over 4.5 trillion enzyme producing Bacteria, which far surpasses any other similar product on the market. Bio-Ross enzymes eliminate all types of grease, fat, oils, synthesized detergents, cleaners, soaps, and toilet paper from the drain system. Bio-Ross is completely safe, and if used on a regular basis, greatly minimizes the need for drain and sewer rodding. Have a Leone Plumbing and Heating expert evaluate your clogged drain and whether Bio Ross is a solution that will work for you!
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There is water in my basement

Flooded basement
A wet basement can lead to major health and structural problems as well as damage to your furnace/water heater and personal items. Leone Plumbing and Heating’s trained plumbers in Rochester NY will inspect all possible causes for the water which could include a leak in a pipe, a clogged drain, or a damaged hot water heater.
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Why Does My faucet drip, even when it is off?

dripping faucet

Why Does My Faucet Drip Even When It Is Off?

There is nothing more annoying than a dripping leaky faucet. Drip… drip… drip… is all you hear, and all the tightening and wiggling of the handle in the world wont stop it. Many times, this means there is a bad gasket or bushing within the faucet, and this can be repaired by a qualified plumber from Leone Plumbing and heating. You may also consider upgrading to a nicer faucet whether you are planning bathroom remodeling Rochester, NY, kitchen, utility, or garden we have a wide selection and will provide professional installation service.
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Why is my Toilet Gurgling and Bubbling

Why is my Toilet Gurgling and Bubbling in Rochester, NY?

Frequently I get asked ” when the toilet upstairs is flushed it gurgling or bubbles in toilet downstairs ” There are a couple of things that could cause this to happen. Most of the time this is the beginning of a clogged line, somewhere below the downstairs toilet. In which case the plumbers at Leone Plumbing & Heating would locate the closest cleanout (usually found in basement) to gain entry to snake the line with the appropiate snake or (roto rooter) machine to clear the blockage. If there is not a cleanout then they would pull the first floor toilet to gain entry to the plumbing drain sysytem. In other cases it could be that a venting problem has developed and a Leone Plumbing & Heating technician would need to diagnose a strategic location to install a air admittance valve.
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