My kitchen sink won’t drain

Rochester NY Kitchen Sink Draining Problem

Do you have trouble with clogged drains in kitchen, bathroom remodeling, or utility sinks? Do you find yourself constantly trying to plunge or use chemicals to unclog these drains? The problem could be more advanced than these basic “fixes” can handle. We offer specialized Enzyme Cleaning and Cabling/Snake Services which will take care of these clogs once and for all. Call us at (585) 458-5800 for an appointment.


Leone Plumbing and Heating carries a full line of power cable rooters and drain snakes to handle any clog with ease. We fully inspect your plumbing system to determine whether it is safe to use a snake to unclog a pipe before performing any work. If there are alternatives available such as bio-ross we would certainly use those first.

Bio Ross Enzyme Cleaning

Bio-Ross drain cleaner has over 4.5 trillion enzyme producing Bacteria, which far surpasses any other similar product on the market. Bio-Ross enzymes eliminate all types of grease, fat, oils, synthesized detergents, cleaners, soaps, and toilet paper from the drain system. Bio-Ross is completely safe, and if used on a regular basis, greatly minimizes the need for drain and sewer rodding. Have a Leone Plumbing and Heating expert evaluate your clogged drain and whether Bio Ross is a solution that will work for you!
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There is water in my basement

Flooded basement
A wet basement can lead to major health and structural problems as well as damage to your furnace/water heater and personal items. Leone Plumbing and Heating’s trained plumbers in Rochester NY will inspect all possible causes for the water which could include a leak in a pipe, a clogged drain, or a damaged hot water heater.
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Why Does My faucet drip, even when it is off?

dripping faucet

Why Does My Faucet Drip Even When It Is Off?

There is nothing more annoying than a dripping leaky faucet. Drip… drip… drip… is all you hear, and all the tightening and wiggling of the handle in the world wont stop it. Many times, this means there is a bad gasket or bushing within the faucet, and this can be repaired by a qualified plumber from Leone Plumbing and heating. You may also consider upgrading to a nicer faucet whether you are planning bathroom remodeling Rochester, NY, kitchen, utility, or garden we have a wide selection and will provide professional installation service.
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Why is my Toilet Gurgling and Bubbling

Why is my Toilet Gurgling and Bubbling in Rochester, NY?

Frequently I get asked ” when the toilet upstairs is flushed it gurgling or bubbles in toilet downstairs ” There are a couple of things that could cause this to happen. Most of the time this is the beginning of a clogged line, somewhere below the downstairs toilet. In which case the plumbers at Leone Plumbing & Heating would locate the closest cleanout (usually found in basement) to gain entry to snake the line with the appropiate snake or (roto rooter) machine to clear the blockage. If there is not a cleanout then they would pull the first floor toilet to gain entry to the plumbing drain sysytem. In other cases it could be that a venting problem has developed and a Leone Plumbing & Heating technician would need to diagnose a strategic location to install a air admittance valve.
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What to Do When You Have A Major Water Leak | Plumber Rochester NY

What to Do When You Have A Major Water Leak

I get questions from friends and customers that want to know what to do when there is a major water leak.  This is never an easy topic but I would like to shed some light on this subject so if or when this happens, you will be prepared. 1.  Turn off the water to the house The best thing to do when you find a leak is to turn the water off to the whole house.  This will ensure that where-ever the leak is at, it will not continue to receive more water to leak out. To do this you will need to locate the water meter for your home.  They are usually in the basement or utlity room.  Once you locate the meter, remove the lid.  Watch out for spiders and bugs!  Locate the main shut off and use a wrench to turn the valve (some have handle) into the closed position. 2.  Turn off the valve at the water heater If you find that your water heater is leaking then you need to cut off the water supply to the tank.  Usually there is a valve that is located above the tank and is welded into the water supply lines. Sometimes with older home these shut off valves become very fragile and can break.  If this happens use tip #1 and turn the water meter off. 3.  Get a fan and towels The best step you can take after turning the water off is to put a fan in front of the water spot.  This will help evaporate any water that you cannot soak up with a towel. 4.  Contact LEONE Plumbing & Heating This is all that I recommend to do as a homeowner because some situations are more serious than others.  Water damage is something that the Rochester NY Plumbers at Leone Plumbing and Heating takes very seriously, so follow these steps and they will help eliminate unnecessary water damage.  Then, call 585-458-5800.
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Water Heater Replacement Tips

Water Heater Replacement Tips

Water heater replacement is something that Leone Plumbing and Heating specializes in!  If you have a water heater in your home or place of business you know that it is a matter of time until you will need to replace it.  If you have a tank water heater, I wanted to give some tips on what to look for but also what to expect if you have Leone plumbers change-out your water heater. If your water heater tank is in the basement of your home, business, or garage always check the copper lines going into the tank.  If you see corrosion or water sitting on top of the inlets, this is a sign of a leak!  Also, check the bottom of your water heater monthly (especially if it is old) for rust, corrosion, or dripping water.  This tip is especially important because the bottom of the tank could bust open and leak up 75 gallons of water, depending on the size of your tank.  Not good!  All of these problems would usually lead to your water heater needing to be replaced. After you call or schedule a trained Rochester, NY Plumber, such as those at Leone Plumbing and Heating to replace your water heater, we would get approval from you to do the work.  Then our plumbers would start to drain the water heater so they can remove it.  After most of the water has been drained the plumbers would remove the old water heater and bring in the new one. As an additional feature, before setting the new tank, the plumber will set an aluminum or plastic drain pan in order to keep water from leaking.  After setting the drain pan the new water heater is lifted-up and set into place.  A new water shut-off valve is set on the copper supply lines and everything for the supply lines is welded together.  Water is added to the tank and after it is full, electricity is hooked up or gas.  The plumber would then turn the unit on and set the temperature at your preferred setting.  It takes a couple of hours for water to heat-up to the set temperature. I hope that these tips have helped you to be able to spot a leak and know what to expect when you have Leone Plumbing & Heating come out and replace your water heater.
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